X-Mark Fitness Power Tower with Pull-up Station XM-4432 Review

Among all power towers in the world, X-Mark Fitness Power Tower with Pull-up Station XM-4432 is extensively strong. This power tower can carry weight from 98 pounds to 100 pounds. X-Mark power Tower meets all the necessary requirements for physical exercise. According to the size & the weight of the instrument researchers has proved it as the best of the world.

Different models of X-Mark power Tower

There are two different models of X-Mark fitness bar. One of them is XM-4434 and another one is XM-4432. XM-4432 is better than XM-4434 because it has set-up roller. This set-up roller is very helpful for exercise. Another simple difference is the weight of XM-4432 is more than 11 pound so it can easily lift more weight.

X-Mark Fitness Power Tower with Pull-up Station XM-4432

    • XM-4432 power Tower is most reliable among the available reliable power Towers. Customers experience regarding using the device is very satisfactory. It ensures the scope for different types of free exercises.
    • The Pull u bar & cross fit bar is very close to each other in XM-4432 power Tower. So users may face difficulty to continue hanging for a long time.

Customers Review About X-Mark power Tower-4432

According to customer review XM–4432 power Tower is very efficient & achieves the honor of a reliable product for physical exercise. Because customers believe that no other physical exercise tools can be available at such low price. So user rating of XM-4432 power Tower is 4.5 & selling is also very good.