Stud Bar: Ceiling or Wall Mountable Pull Up Bar Review

Health conscious people are always happy. If you are interested in continuing Pull up & chinning up properly then this Stud Bar Pull-up Bar will help you a lot. The width of the pull-up bar is 48 inch & the screws are very strong so that it helps to set it easily in the ceiling of a living room without any damage.


The installation process is very easy. The installation process can be completed within 30 minutes. But to install this one you will need few instruments like stud finder, ratchet set, drill & screwdriver .But one condition, you will install it in an open space or in an open room. It can be easily installed in garage or store room. if you can set it in above mentioned places then you can do several exercises easily such as pull-ups, dead hangs, mounting pull ups and much more.

Stud Bar Pull-up bar sizes:

Standard Size– For 9-foot ceilings or wall mounting. Optional settings allow for bar to hang 14″ or 22″ below ceiling
Small Size– For 8-foot ceilings, bar hangs 10″ or 14″ below ceiling
Large Size– For 10-foot ceilings. Optional settings allow for bar to hang 31″ or 39″ below ceiling

Stud Bar Pull up bar sizes

Steel Frame:

Stud Bar Pull-up bar is well constructed with heavy steel. This steel frame makes it durable so any kinds of the user can do the pull-up and push-up easily.

Great Weight Capacity:

It can easily pull 600 Ib. Any users can use it more securely and easily. From before till present no broken report is found about Stud Bar Pull-up Bar.

    • 3 size available
    • capasity upto 600 IB
    • mounting hardware included
    • Standard 3 selected foot
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Great bar diameter with best grip
    • Requires tools to install (e.g. electric drill, drill bits, metric socket set, etc.)

Stud bar is for whom:

  • People who wants durable pull-bar.
  • Who wants to do pull-ups and butterfly pull ups without risk less.
  • Heavy weighted people who wants to do pull-up.
  • People who want to but sustainable product.
  • People who want a quality exercise bar for the life time.

Last word:

If door way pull up bar and normal pull-up bar are not enough for your fitness then you should try Stud Bar Pull-up bar. Please remember it is your personal investment, which increases you to keep fit your body. Stud bar pull-up bar makes you stronger and fittest near about 8 weeks. When you desire a gorilla proof ceiling or wall mountable pull-up bar with outstanding customer service, get a Stud Bar pull up bar.

Customers Review About Stud Bar: Ceiling or Wall Mountable Pull Up Bar: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
One gymnastic share his thought about stud bar. He is very experienced person because he have trained with many pull-up bars about 18 Years. His weight near about 90lb. He declared that stud bar is one of the best pull-up and butterfly pull ups for exercise. Although he used other pull-up bar in the gym but all of are commercial except stud bar. But Stud bar is so Durable, People who want a heavy and fixed pull-up bar, my recommendation is Stud Bar: A Superb Wall or Ceiling Mounted Pull-up Bar. You can do exercise without riskless because stud bar is made of heavy metal so there is no record of bend, flex, wobble, shake of it.