Privacy policy

If you have any quarries or information  regarding privacy policy then please ask question without any us here

Every visitor is very important in It is also very important to protect the privacy of the visitors. The information that is available below is solely owned by You will get additional information about and how it will facilitates users.

Cookies & Becons

Cookies are used in to preserve the information of users. The following information will be collected from browser.

  • The number of visitors in a day.
  • The pages that are visited mostly by visitors.
  • Visitors are using which browser to view the site.
  • What kind of information visitors are searching frequently.

So the above arrangement helps the site to arrange suitable information for the visitors.


The site is not applicable for children. Please ignore Under 18 age . The site is only applicable for adults , age at least 18 or more. The site is very effective for adults(Fit their body).

Amazon associate program generally used for Affiliated Marketing. So has participated in Amazon service LLC Program. Affiliated Marketing means to promote any third party product in another website where the promoting website gets commission on sold products. is following this process of Affiliated Marketing.

Double click dart Cookie

Our ad partners use cookies & web becons in website. Our adds partners are

  • Google Adsense
  • Commission Junction
  • Clickbank
  • Amazon Associates

Third party advertiser use a certain technology. They send a certain type of link or script in the website which works as third party link at back-end of advertise. When a user click on these ads then instantly the ad agency get the IP address of the user (PC). This way a advertise agency can realize that how many users are clicking or their ads. Beside that more modern technologies are there by which advertise agencies can understand that how many users have clicked on their posted ad.
The access of Gym sure is owned by the administration of whole site control. As third part ad agencies provide advertise in the website, so the third parties have control on the cookies only not administration. To know about the details of the ad agencies you can visit the specific ad related websites of the advertise agencies.These third party agencies send various advertise at user browser while visitor are visiting the web site. Users can disable the advertise, If any user feels discomfort about the advertise. User can visit web browser related websites to know the process of disabling cookies.