Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar

If you are looking for a cheap home gym equipment than it can help you in toning your upper body and muscles. If you agree then you should buy Perfect fitness multi-gym pull-up bar. You can do various types of workouts for the upper body. It is famous for its features and cheap prices. For further information just see the review of Perfect fitness multi-gym pull-up bar.

See full details before buying perfect fitness multi-gym

There are many kinds of pull-up bars in the markets. But sometimes it becomes a problem to choose a certain brand and model among all the great looking pull-up bars. For releasing from this difficult problem you have to compare all the products features of all brands and models so that you will find the best product having best features.

Grip Options

It offers you three grip options as wide, hammer grip. You can adjust this Perfect fitness multi-gym bar as per your benefit. If you apply more pressure on your upper body then you have to create more Counteraction that means you have to choose wide pull-up bar. In wide option, you will find the huge gap between both the grips which makes your exercise so fast. You will feel comfort on exercise time.

Setup on Any Door frame

This bar easily set in any door frame. You don’t think how much it’s wide and height. It’s scientific design proofs that Perfect fitness multi-gym set any door frame without doing any fault or broken in your door frame.

Complete Upper Body Workout

  • You can do Pull-ups, Chin-ups, Sit-ups & Dips by Perfect fitness multi-gym. Because it is multi-functional.
  • Increase Muscle Strength as Arms, Chest, Back, Shoulders & Abs.
  • Workout Chart with 27 Exercise Combinations.
  • Without creating any problems it will set with any Standard Door Frame (from 27″ to 35″ Wide).
  • Wonderful and Unique Design Helps to Protect Door Frame.
  • No Drilling is required on installing time.
  • It comes with a manual for guidelines.
  • Fully padded with foam grips.

erfect fitness multi-gym pull-up bar

Protects Door frame

In the statistics, most of the people complain that their pull-up bar damages their door. But it’s a good news that Perfect fitness multi-gym don’t occur any damage on your doorframe. Its scientific design protects your door frame.

Who Can Install It ?

Anyone can install it because there are no difficult things involved in installing the Perfect fitness multi-gym bar. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym is so easy to install. You can install in anywhere in your home. If you and unable then technical person are always available in the market.

Great Weight Capacity

It can easily pull 220 Ib. Any users can use it more securely and easily. From before till present no broken report is found about Perfect fitness multi-gym.


The great thing of this Perfect fitness multi-gym is. It’s not only great of its height but also of its width and weight.

Customers Review About erfect fitness multi-gym pull-up bar: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Do customers review about Perfect fitness multi-gym pull-up bar?

Most of the customers give a positive feedback in this Perfect fitness multi-gym bar. They are happy and really like this bar. Most of the customer says that it easily set in the door frame and its grips give them painless exercise. But some of the customer tells is quality is so much old and other say it is not safe to use than other bars.