Rowing machine becomes very important for health conscious people. But this is also true a perfect rowing machine with additional multi-exercise workout capability definitely adds value. Black ProGear 750 Rower is the best & most expected exercise equipment for people prefer to workout comfortably at home. It is one of the most popular gym instruments as well. Due to various fat burning & cardiovascular exercises, this rower is most expected. It ensures to perform exercises like pull-downs, chest presses, bent over rows, curls, ab rollings, shoulder presses, rows, Pec flies etc. Most important part is it supports three adjustable positions for rowing to facilitate people of different heights. Progear rowing machine 750 is best for people with height 4’9” to 6’1” & maximum weight of 220 pounds. This exercise equipment is also popular for ergonomic design. The backrest is also a properly cushioned and 1.8-inch padding is ensured in the seat. Most convenient part is the seat can be moved smoothly on the come slide rail. Length can be adjusted also in between 37 to 43 inches.

Large comfortable Seat:

Seat, pedals & handles are designed to provide optimum comfort to users in pro gear 3600 rowers. The seat & back rest is well cushioned & padded up to 1.8 inches thick to ensure maximum comfort in home workout. The seat is 12.3 inches wide by 9 inches long. So definitely it ensures complete comfort to the user for long hour’s exercise. The backrest is also the backrest  26.5 inches long by 12.5 inches wide. So it ensures a relaxed seat for the user & increases the effectiveness of the exercise. This is undoubtedly the best gym equipment to buy for home.

Hydraulic Tension Resistance:

One of the specialties of this pro gear rowing machine is 2 independent adjustable hydraulic cylinders is ensured for tension resistance. Beside that 3 hydraulic resistance levels are easily adjustable independently on the left and right handlebars as required. The basic function is, a user can easily adjust the resistance by attaching the hydraulic cylinders in any of the 3 holes on the handlebars. Actually, this rowing machine helps a user to set the level of difficulty in a workout routine for the user like a hard or easy workout.

LCD Display:

While rowing it becomes important for a user to check the progress accurately. A small & smart LCD display panel is arranged in this rowing machine to present necessary information like total rep count, calories burned, time etc. All the information stats one after another. AA battery is ensured in the package in this exercise equipment. Readability of this LCD display is also very high. This option is great to motivate a user to work hard to gain the fitness goal in home workout. For saving battery pro gear 3600 rower goes in hibernation while not is use then again start working as exercise starts.

Folds for Storage:

Storing exercise equipment in a proper place always remains a great concern for others. Users always prefer easily Foldable design of the rowing machine. So that after rowing it can be stored easily at any convenient place. The pro gear rowing machine is 45.5 inches long by 26.5 inches wide by 7.8 inches tall. So after a home workout, this is very easy to fold the rowing machine & preserve for future use. Because of this feature, this is the best gym equipment to buy for home.

Anti- Slip Foot Pedals:

Foot Pedals are definitely an important part of any rowing machine. A perfect foot pedal ensures complete comfort beside right placement of the foot during rowing. Large pivoting textured anti-slip foot pedals are ensured in this pro gear rowing machine. Keeping the feet is right place is important for proper cardio training. For that reason, adjusting straps are designed to secure feet in place during an intensive home workout. One of the most important benefits is the pedal pivot reduces stress in the ankles. It also helps a user to avoid unexpected ankle pain during aerobic exercise.

Handle Bars:

Comfortable grip & Handlebar is an important part of any rowing machine. During rowing, a user deserves comfort & a stable design of handlebars in a regular home workout. In pro gear 3600 rowers handlebars are specially covered with a rubber/form to prevent blisters and slippage. For this reason, it’s become the best gym equipment to buy for home. Because people from any age group will prefer to maintain a workout routine due to this comfort. This is important for aerobic exercise as well.

Over 10 Workout Exercises:

This is really amazing that if a rowing machine offers scope for additional workout exercises. This progear rowing machine offers more than 10 additional workout exercises like shoulder presses, rows, , pull downs,curls, pec flies & bent over rows, ab workouts & much more. From this wide range of workout exercises a user can easily select the suitable workout exercise for physical fitness. These options also help a user to learn new workout exercises as well in daily workout routine.

Different Exercises with Pro Gear 750 Rower :

ProGear 750 Rower with Additional Multi Exercise Workout capability, Black
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This pro gear rowing machine can be easily used for regular rowing. No matter whatever the age this exercise equipment ensures effective aerobic exercise for health. Aerobic exercise helps for a stronger immune system, weight loss & more stamina. It also helps to improve mood & sleep quality of the user. This cardio training also helps to raise heart rate and increase your oxygen intake for ensuring effective regular cardio workout. For these reasons, this pro gear rowing machine has received several positive customer insights this year.

Bent over rows:

This rowing machine is also popular for bent over rows. Regular practice through this exercise equipment helps to boost overall health. Practicing regular bent over rows ensures healthy muscle mass and increase muscle resistance. It also ensures bone health and strength. Regular exercise through this rowing machine strengthens the cardiovascular system. It also helps to get a lean, toned & strong body which is resilient to illness and injury. ProGear 750 Rower is for that reason best for home workouts.

Shoulder Presses:

Healthy & muscular shoulders are considered one of the attractive parts of the fit body.  This Pro Gear Rowing machine also ensures the best exercise for shoulders. Regular shoulder presses work in two parts of the shoulder. This is considered as one of the best upper body exercises. This exercise equipment helps for upper chest, shoulders, and arms. The most important part is this pro gear rowing machine ensures a smooth experience for all users without feeling any pain or fear of injury while exercising.


People using a rowing machine always keep pulling down in a regular workout routine.  This is true that pull down is a compound exercise. It means it works with several joints & several muscles together. This pro gear rowing machine is designed such way it ensures effective pull-downs for a user. For that reason this the best gym equipment to buy for home. Actually during rowing latissimus dorsi is the primary muscle works. Beside that biceps and muscles of the forearm also helps in the process.

Pec Flies:

Getting the complete benefits of Pec Files is very important for any rowing machine. Because the proper pec flies ensured to push, swing, flap,  and bring arms together. Strong pec Files helps to create a lifted torso. It also assists to make proper posture and grows confidence. This pro gear rowing machine ensures proper Pec Flies for the user of any age group. For that reason, this is popular as one of the gym instruments. This is mostly used for home workouts.

Ab Rollings:

Getting the benefits of Ab rollings properly is very important for any rowing machine.  Proper Ab Rollins ensures to strengthen abdominal muscles. It also helps to improve flexibility gradually. This pro gear rowing machine ensures comfortable & effective Ab Rollings for a user. This exercise equipment is suitable for Ab Rollings at home workout also. The perfect structure of this rowing machine ensures the proper exercise of ab lower back & knees while rowing.  Most of the physical fitness concern users prefer this pro gear, rowing machine for a comfortable long hour workout routine.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Tablet and water bottle holder
  • Foam covered handlebars that provide a comfortable grip
  • Features adjustable hydraulic tension resistance system
  • supports up to 220 pounds/100 kg maximum user weight capacity
  • You can do 8 types of exercise with pro gear 7500
  • Amazon provides free shipping
  • 1 Year limited warranty
  • Easy to Assemble


  • No heart rate sensors

Last word before buying:

ProGear 750 Rower as an advanced rowing machine has most of the preferred features. This exercise equipment offers additional multiple exercise workout facility. This rowing machine also ensures a comfortable rowing experience at home. The frame  & construction of this exercise equipment is also very stable & high quality. The seat, handles & pedals are designed in such a way so that it ensures maximum comfort for all users. This is definitely the best gym equipment to buy for home. This rowing machine is also best for cardio training. It helps a user effectively for aerobic exercise also. Compared to the market price with unique features ProGear 750 Rower definitely the best choice for physical fitness concern people.