Original Patented Vertical Climber

A Maxi Climber is basically a piece of exercise equipment. It is specially designed for short exercises in the home as suitable. The device is created by Innovations International LLC. The interesting part is this particular device is comparing with mimic mountain climbing. It also ensures to burn calories from every part of the body. It brings a great result for arms, thighs, and legs. It is best for full Body Workout. This proved best for a shoulder workout. This is also true that it burns fat within 4 weeks.

Maxi Climber has some ergonomic adjust settings and user-friendly functions. These functions make it pretty practical and easily operable. This is great to share that beside fat-burning benefits it ensures healthy cardiovascular system. It also ensures to keep the heart healthy as well. This is very popular for Fitness App and ISO. It easily fits with the workout routine. This is also true that it helps to lose weight within 4 weeks.

MaxiClimber review
MaxiClimber - Vertical Cardio Climber

This product is designed for whom ?

Maxi Climber is very versatile and easy-to-use climber. It works for all fitness levels Beside that it has BONUS companion Fitness App. It ensures Full-body workout beside calorie burning cardio with muscle toning in one simple step. The great part is it ensures low impact workout& very easy on the knees and ankles. Effectively it saves time & no need to drive to the gym or use several machines. This is very helpful for a workout routine. This is very popular for the shoulder workout.

What comes with it ?

This is very definitely a convenient device. It can be used easily at apartments. It includes a calorie and steps counter, a meal plan, a DVD training guide, and a tracking chart to monitor the progress. For that reason, this is the most popular Home exercise tool.

The Main Key Features:

Grips are smooth and non-stick

The main feature of the exercise tool is Grips. Its grips is so smooth and non-stick. It never Slippy by your Sweat during exercise. This is long lasting Grips for using more.

Ergonomically designed & best for all types of body

This product is designed such a way of Ergonomically. It is best for all types of body shape. Any ages of people can use this exercise bar easily without any trouble.

Height can be adjusted easily

This tool is very popular for its  adjustment of height. On the right side picture you can see, mainly where you can adjust the height. So 4.5′ to 6.3′ people can use it easily.

Effective counter for Digital calorie and step

The most effective part of this exercise tools are calorie & step counter digital Device. It’s count every steps on exercise time.

Durable cold-rolled steel beside very Lightweight

It is famous for it’s light weight but don’t worry about it’s durability. It’s made with cold-rolled heavy steel. Maximum 240 lbs weight can hold this machine safely.

Easy to store anywhere

MaxiClimber is so light weight so that’s why you can keep it on any corner or closet. when you are not using it. 

Easy to assemble

It comes with 90% pre-assembled. You do not need any additional parts to assemble this exercise machine.

Capable to carry weight

Being light weight you can carry it any where. It’s dimension 57 x 10 x 6 inches ; 33 pounds 

Comes with Fitness App & ISO

When you receive this product this you also get a fitness Android App or ISO. Which you can connect on your TV Screen and get exercise course Free.

MaxiClimber features
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The Core Benefits of using Maxclimber - All in One-Simple Workout

There are several reasons of using MaxiClimber regularly. But at the end we can highlight the following core benefits:

  • A great everyday workout tool for ensuring proper fitness
  • ensures a low-impact form of exercise to avoid stress in joints
  • a total workout machine
  • acts on all muscles in the body
  • best workout machine to do cardio on
  • Doesn’t consume maximum space comparing to other cardio equipment
  • Fitness App and ISO is a unique feature of this one
  • easily fits with the daily workout routine
  • very effective for a shoulder workout
  • It burns fat within 4 weeks.
  • helps to lose weight within 4 weeks.

MaxiClimber Pros:


MaxiClimber has The stride length adjustment. It allows a user to target specific muscle groups. If a user wants to hammer the glutes then he has to shorten stride length. To ensure quads and calves someone have to lengthen the stride out. The same exercise is applicable to the upper body. For ensuring more emphasis on lets and deltoids, a user has to lengthen the arm stride.  It helps every stride simulates a single arm pull up. For that reason, it is best for full Body Workout.

This true that this is an amazingly functional machine. It works for both upper and lower body at the same time. It ensures natural movement to engage core, boosts heart rate and ensures maximum benefit of time spent. This is true that in this process as moving in a vertical motion, the heart has to work that little bit harder to supply the blood to arms.


MaxiClimber ensures great cardiovascular workout. But it ensures proper exercise without pounding on joints. This is amazing that when a user suspended in space the feet don’t come into contact with the ground. This way it ensures the best exercise for ankles and knees.

Calorie Burn

MaxiClimber helps to burn a whole lot of calories. This is proved that through a 20-minute session it is able to burn 206% more calories. It works the same for the treadmill. Another hand the VersaClimber is similar to have three cardio machines in one. It can work as stair stepper to ensure total focus is on the legs, as an upper-body ladder climber. It also works as a multi function total body trainer.


This is true that it is an ideal rehabilitative machine. This is best for people coming back from injury or illness.

This machine is solidly designed. High spec steel framing is used here. This is very lightweight. This is very easy to put together also. The machine is available partially pre-assembled. So it helps to easily put it parts together to assemble. The MaxiClimber is best for people who have limited space available in the house for home fitness equipment. This is amazing that no additional equipment is needed to construct the MaxiClimber. This is also amazing that it burns fat within 4 weeks.

Ergonomic Design:

It is ergonomically designed. It helps to train with the best anatomical body alignment. Besides that, the isometric non-stick grips have been ideally angled to ensure best upper body positioning. So it is very comfortable for Full Body Workout.

Foldable Design:

The foldable design helps to store in a cupboard or under a bed as required. Without the packaging. the weight of  The MaxiClimber is just 33 pounds.

Cost Effective

It ensures awesome workout at a very impressive price. This is amazing that it is less than half the price of many other competing home cardio trainers.

Adjustable Height Settings

It provides you with 5 adjustable height settings. This allows you to customize the machine to fit your precise requirements.

Very Quiet Operation

Comparing to other home cardio options for example a treadmill or an elliptical machine, this is incredibly quiet to operate. It helps to work out  beside watching TV.


MaxiClimber provides a 12-month warranty. This is also true that it helps to lose weight within 4 weeks.

MaxiClimber Cons:

Need Shoes:

For using MaxiClimber a user need to be wear shoes. For that reason, the pedals feature studded indentations. Ultimately it will feel very uncomfortable in bare feet.

Head Clearance:

This is true that it is a very compact unit with a conservative footprint. So a user will need a minimum of eight feet of head clearance. Basically, it will become difficult for people in small apartments. This is also applicable for people have a gym in the basement.

Limited User Weight:

The maximum user weight is 240 pounds in this exercise tool. It means that this is not suitable for larger bodybuilders & not suitable to use it to strip off body fat.

Timer Function:

It comes up with a built-in timer. However, a user can only check the timer before or after your workout for getting the right benefits.

May Wobble:

This is true that it is very stable and rigid. However, if anyone uses bad form or posture on the machine. Then it is likely to wobble slightly.

No Added Resistance Levels:

There is no provision for adding resistance levels to workout. For that reason, once anyone attains to a certain fitness level, he will be unable to further increase the intensity of the workout. Though it ensures a great workout experience, a user won’t be able to keep getting incrementally fitter as required.

There are several reasons of using MaxiClimber regularly. This A great everyday workout tool for ensuring proper fitness. It ensures the low-impact form of exercise to avoid stress in joints. This is also popular as a total workout machine as it acts on all muscles in the body. MaxiClimber is popular as best workout machine to do cardio on. It also doesn’t consume maximum space comparing to other cardio equipment. This is also widely granted as unique features like Fitness App and ISO. It easily fits with the daily workout routine. MaxiClimber is proved very effective for the shoulder workout. It helps to burn fat within 4 weeks. It also helps to lose weight within 4 weeks.