In today’s busy work life people prefer to continue to exercise at home or residence. Utility Bench is one of the most appropriate & most favorite physical exercise equipment for home exercise. In this case, Marcy Utility Bench has received huge positive customer insights this year. This 6 Position Utility Bench has many features that actually grow the effectiveness of this. It has an adjustable back that can be moved from incline, to flat position or to decline position as required. This Marcy Utility Bench ensures smooth workout for upper body of a user easily with dumbbells, bars. The two position padded bar Marcy Utility Bench helps to workout with legs as well. In this article, we will explain the special benefits & features of Marcy Utility Bench to help the interested users to take the decision to avail the product for getting best benefits from it. Marcy Utility Bench ensures comfortable physical exercise in both gym & home.

Home Gym Adjustable Weight Bench

Product Description:

Marcy Adjustable Bench has graved attention due to different kinds of extraordinary features. The high-density foam of this exercise tool ensures most comfort & durability. The steel frame of this 6 Position Utility Bench is resilient enough for using for years.  Maximum weight capacity is 600lb.  For using in gym centers designed to carry 300 lb user weight  & 300 lb dumbbell weight. This Marcy Utility Bench can be carried to any suitable place. Very convenient transport handle helps to move it in any place. This Exercise tool is best for upper & lower part exercise. This Marcy Adjustable seat also fits most of the smith machines, racks or cages.

Top Features of Marcy Adjustable Bench SB-350


The handle of a utility bench is very important to ensure proper exercise. The handle of this Marcy Adjustable bench is located on the front of the bench. It helps this 6 Position Utility Bench to be titled back. The handle is set with proper combination with transport wheel. This one can be relocating easily as well. It ensures the most comfortable for the user. The relocation feature helps to set the handle based on the user requirement. This flexible handle also helps for upper & lower body part workout.

Durable Construction:

This Marcy Utility Bench is made 14 GA steel with heavy-duty along with powder-coated finish. Beside that high-density foam is ensured with a vinyl cover of double-stitched. This exercise tool is ready to carry the weight of 300 pounds. The dimensions of this 6 Position Utility Bench are   55” in length by 18” in width and 45.5” in height. Based on the available Utility Bench in the market this certainly ensures a very durable construction. This combination also users effective & steady exercise for every user.

Seat angle adjustment:

Comfortable seat arrangement is one of the most important requirements for any Utility Bench. The seat angle adjustment facility Marcy Utility Bench helps a user to set the seat in most appropriate position for the effective physical exercise. It also helps with any kind of muscle exercise as well. User very serious about shoulder muscles exercise can take advantage of this facility very easily. This facility is also suitable for exercises of the upper back. Once a certain angle is set a user can continue exercise with that angle for a long time as well.

Saw-tooth adjustment:

Most of the times it really becomes important during for physical exercise in gym center to set the physical exercise machine according to the need. The sawtooth adjustment of Marcy Utility Bench helps to customize workout as required. Most important is this fantastic Marcy Utility bench can prolong from incline to flat. In the same way, can be declined as well. The saw points are also set in such way that it ensures proper distance from one point to another point.  

Weight capacity:

Weight capacity of a Utility Bench is very important. Because people from various age groups generally evaluate the weight capacity to avail any Utility Bench. In case of Marcy Utility Bench it can be ensured that this exercise toll ensures the maximum weight capacity. Marcy Utility Bench is able to carry weight up to 300 pounds. So people from any age group or standard weight can easily avail it for home exercise. Because of this feature, it is also very popular as training equipment.

Leg Developer:

This Marcy Utility Bench is best for leg development exercise. A user can easily take care of glutes, quadriceps& hamstrings by adjusting this bench as required. The most interesting part is where users can continue the exercise of legs while sitting on this bench. Marcy Utility Bench is mostly used in Gym Centers where physical trainers instruct users for various leg exercise. This one also considered as one of the most acceptable training equipment. This 6 Position Utility Bench is also popular as Leg developer exercise tool.

Comfortable Foam Rollers:

Comfort & efficiency are the most important requirements of Utility Bench users. This is completely ensured in 6 Position Utility Bench. Top grade form padding of Marcy Utility Bench facilitates users to get maximum comfort while continuing exercise. It also helps users to continue the exercise for a long time at home or gym. This is true that comfortable foam rollers help to avoid back pain or any kind of discomfort during exercise. Marcy Utility Bench also receives several positive customer insights because of this reason. 


Transport wheel:

Most of the time physical equipment users become worried about moving an Exercise tool from one place to another.   One of the most convenient features of Marcy Utility Bench is it can be moved easily from one place to another place to another by the transport wheels. Users of Marcy Utility Bench even never have to think about storing the device. Because of medium size, this exercise tool can be stored at any place very easily. So it becomes most popular for use at home & gym.

6 position adjustable back pad:

One of the most interesting features of this Marcy Adjustable bench is the back part of this bench is completely adjustable according to the need. During continuing exercise, most of the times like to ensure a comfortable position. This option facilitates the user to continue exercise based on the requirement. This exercise tool is so flexible that it can be modified to a flat, decline or incline position as required.  For this reason, this device is highly used in gym centers. This is also very useful for home exercise as well.

High-Density Foam Padding:

Foam padding is ensured generally in every physical exercise equipment for maximum comfort for the user. With this objective, high-density foam padding is arranged in Marcy Utility Bench. But this is also true that the density of this foam padding is higher than the general foam padding. Because most of the times people during home exercise like to work out for long hours. So after a long busy day, people need comfort during exercise. This high-density foam padding ensures complete comfort for every user.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Highly comfortable
  • Reliable weight capacity
  • Easily affordable
  • Highly safe
  • Multi-positioning
  • Excellent value for money
  • Thick, comfortable padding


  • Might be injurious in the absence of caution

Last word before buying:

Use of utility Bench has increased recently in home & office among the health concern people. But this is also true that Marcy Adjustable 6 Position Utility Bench with Leg Developer has ensured all the necessary features & facilities for the user. This 6 Position Utility Bench is specially designed thinking about the comfort & effective use. All the discussed features of this Marcy Utility Bench is best for home exercise. Maximum weight capacity, easily storage & carrying facility makes it different from others. Adjustable back pad & high-density foam padding reliefs a user from facing back pain & other exercise related problems. 

This Marcy Adjustable bench is also very popular for durable construction & maximum weight capacity. The sawtooth adjustment facility is also perfect to set the right tune for exercise. 

The Leg developer facility is also very unique. Comparing to the price, usability, comfort & effectiveness it can be concluded that this utility bench is best for continuing physical exercise at own peace.