While we are thinking about highly rated exercise bikes, then we definitely try to get few features in that product. This is true that an exercise bike plays an important role in ensuring physical fitness for any health conscious person. Besides that, for using comfortably most of the times we look for folding exercise bikes to use. But this is also true that while availing any portable exercise bike we compare the usefulness with the available best features of that product. In this article, we will share a few exciting features of the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike to help the users to get a significant idea about this best exercise bike.

Who can use Upright Bike ?

This exercise bike is designed in such a way that adult people from any age can easily use this product for their physical fitness. Most of the times people like to exercise by the bike at home.  Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike will be the best choice for them. Height & weight or age of a person is not very important for using this folding exercise bike. This is one of the best exercise bikes in the best price. This is also important that this bike is the best folding exercise bike for a short person. After reviewing the article people from different age group can easily realize how the different features can assist them in ensuring better fitness through this folding exercise bike.

Top Features of Upright Bike:

Comfortable seat:

The seat of a exercise equipment is really very important. Because it helps a user to get satisfactory experience while using the exercise equipment. The seat of this fitness bike is highly adjustable to upward or downward as required. People of any age group can sit comfortably on the seat.  The big seat has padding to release discomfort during long hour exercise. In a best folding exercise bike, this is very important for the shorter leg user to reach the pedals. But in exercise equipment, the problem is completely resolved.

Heavy Duty design:

This exercise bike is designed in a such a way so that it can be folded & carried to any place easily. Weight is only 39ibs. Height is 46’’. This exercise equipment is able to carry weight up to 300 lbs. Stabilizer bars are 19 inches wide which ensures a complete stable position for a user while exercising. Length is only 31”.  Frames of this exercise bike are designed by tubular steel which ensures long-term use & best performance for years. 

The frame is made from tubular steel that is powder coated making it durable with it lasting and performing well for years.

8 Level Magnetic Tension System:

Most of the users like to manage the exercise equipment while continuing exercise at home. One of the most interesting features of this portable exercise bike is Magnetic Tension system. This excellent feature helps a user to manage tension while using the exercise cycling machine in a difficult workout. This feature is not available in most of the available fitness bikes in the market. This an integrated system where a user can adjust the speed of workout according to the level of tension or metal pressure.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike Accessories:

This exercise cycling machine has handy holder at the front of the bike which helps to keep TV remote or phone as required. But it is better not to keep MP3, Tablet or book in this holder. But a book can be placed easily here to read while continuing exercise. This holder helps the user to continue reading books or watching favorite TV shows while continuing exercise. A user can easily place a book on the console of this best exercise bike to read books while continuing exercise.

Heart Pulse Sensors:

While continuing exercise in fitness bikes most of the time aged users are very concern about their Heart Pulse. Because the heart pulse basically indicates that the heart is functioning properly. A proper heart pulse statistics can also help the user to consult with physicians for necessary medication for avoiding any heart-related diseases. This Gym upright exercise bike has Heart Pulse Sensors which actually helps to monitor the heartbeat for effective exercise. This option is very suitable for the bike trainers as well.

Space Saving:

One of the most important features of the best foldable exercise bike is it can be stored anywhere without consuming additional space. It can be used in small apartments & homes without using maximum space. People can easily use this portable exercise bike in the office also during lunch or break time. During bad weather without going outside this fitness bike will help to continue exercise at home easily. Folding is quick & easy. After folding it becomes 19 by 19 by 46.

3 Piece Crank System:

One of the most important parts of this fitness bike is the 3 piece cranking system which ensures effective & consistent pedaling. The pedals are also made of sturdy plastic with straps to help the user to keep their feet in proper place. This option is also best for the athletic shoe users. If anyone has Knee problem this facility will definitely help them for exercise. This will also help bike trainers for rehabilitation or any other general fitness exercise.

Easy Assembly:

This portable exercise bike needs some assembling function but these are very easy. It only requires 20 to 60 mins to complete the assembling. The left pedal has a reverse thread. It helps to tighten up counterclockwise to ensure lessening while pedaling.  The user has to add few things of this best foldable exercise bike like stabilizer bars, seat post, pedals, seat, handlebars with console &then console to the bike. But everything here assembles together very easily . Beside diagrams & images are available to assemble this exercise cycling machine very easily.

Upright Bike Pedals:

Perfect Pedals are very important for any fitness bike. Here pedals are made of sturdy plastic in combination with straps to ensure set feet in proper place. It also helps people who use athletic shoes. This is true that the pedaling system is best for the people who have knee problem & trying for rehabilitation. Without any issue of a joint problem, this best upright exercise bike is best for people from all age group.  This best exercise bike in best price has a small light flywheel to pull the pedals for standing & sprinting effectively.

Large LCD Display with this exercise Bike:

One of the most important features of this exercise cycling machine is the console has 3.3 by 1.5 ins LCD display. It helps a user easily read the measures during the workout. The black light option also helps a reader to read the information even in poor light. This LCD display tracks records of distance (miles), heart rate, odometer, calories burned & speed (mph) with measurement of time consumed. Most interesting part is this best foldable exercise bike gives the option to measure the variation of the result after every 6 seconds. It really helps a  user to track improvement of workout regular basis.


  • Light weight, you can easily set in front of TV
  • Easily and quickly assemble with good instructions.
  • Easily move this bike with transport rollers
  • Heart pulse sensors with this bike
  • Provide low impact workout
  • Easily folded this bike can make space saver on home or office
  • Heavy bike with cheap price.
  • LCD monitor can check your heart rate, odometer, calories burned & speed


  • Does't suitable for those who below the height 5 ft
  • There is no water bottle holder or electronic device holder in this bike

Most of the time users concern about selecting the best foldable exercise bike looks for few features like measurement of work out, less space-consuming device, comfortable seat & pedals etc. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike has all the options that a bike trainer even looks for. This is definitely the best exercise bike in best price. This one is also the best folding exercise bike for a short person. From the above review, we can conclude that this is the best exercise bike for small spaces as well. This is also popular as an upright exercise bike with LCD option. Comparing to the price & available benefits this product received always proved as best upright exercise bike in reviews of bikes trainers & regular users.