Dip Exercise for Building Upper Chest – Why we do dip exercise ?

A dip is a compound push exercise which works a large number of muscles in you upper body at the same tim. Dips are also a little bit controversial because they affect your shoulders in a bad way, if you don’t adapt your body to do it step by step. When you lower yourself down your arms go backwards and this can put a lot of stress on your shoulders but like many other exercises it depends on how you execute it and prepare yourself for it.
For execute the tips you should avoid these mistakes. Lets Start with the correct starting position.

  1. Push your shoulder blades down to get the necessary attention and you should also take an eye on your albow position.
  2. Extent your arms but don’t overextend them, avoid a resting positing on your joint and keep the attention.
  3. Avoid any kind of half racket when doing dips with parallel bar. you want to achieve a minimum of 90 degrees of flexion in your albows. You can also go dipper it on your shoulder is mobile enough but you should not force it, because if you lack in mobility and experience it’s possibly that you injure yourself in the short or the long term.
  4.  You should also take an eye on your spine movement. Some people lean their upper body forward and bend their spine when they go up and down. This will also decrease the reange of motion in your shoulder joint. When we take a look on our elbows, we should avoid excessive outlay of elbows when we do then on parallel pause. The elbows point more backward stem outwards.
  5. Any kind of keeping and swinging, you strength for your tips not momentum.

Body Position for Building Upper Chest

When it comes to the body position you can execute dips in different ways to affect some muscles more then other. To do chest dip you can lean yourself a little bit forward and also bring your legs full. You should also flare your albows a little bit outwards but don’t do it too excessively. Try to squeeze your hand together at the top to target your chest in an optimal way. It you want to do a triceps dip aim for upright torso, your legs should be under or in front of your hips. The elbows are pointing backwards and are close to your body. It’s also possible to do a shoulder dip therefore you should lean your body forward as a complete unit. Your whole body gets out of the vertical line the more you lean yourself forward the harder this look get your are pointing backwards and the close to your body.

Shoulder Blade Movement

In the top position the shoulder blades are pushed downward and slightly forward or neutral. When you go down, you bring your shoulder blades together and keep them pushed down as good as possible. When you push yourself up you go back into the starting position of course this also depends on the specific variation of the dip and your body position as well.
Until now we are only talking about parallel bar dips but there are also other ways to do, Your can also do then on a single bar or on rings. When you do it on a single bar you have to lean yourself and also bring your legs forward in this case you get into the right center of gravity for that movement.

When we talk about the rings then we are more flexible. Rings can live independently, so you can do different versions of the exercise of course it’s harder to stabilise the movement but the benefit is that, you can rotate the rings or push them together with this freedom. You adapt the movement battle to your goals. So for the most possibilities with dips. You should choose rings but keep in mind that ring dips are harder than bar dips because you also have to stabilize the wobbly rings that’s great for your coordination and strength but bad for your abs. It’s also not the right tool to start with ring. So when you’re new to dips then start with and easier progression and work your way up until you can do them no the wrists.

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