Health Benefits for Cycling Everyday – Top 20 reasons

Cycling Everyday is very helpful for body and health. If you want to boost your stamina and fitness or keep healthy your health then cycling bikes is very good exercise for your health, it’s a very nice decision maybe you ever made. I think you have a question on your mind that why we take up cycling every day? Now I will show you about top 20 reasons about bicycling. Let’s see…

1. Go anywhere so faster

As a big city, USA is Famous. Our research says always cycling is best than a car. By a cycle, you can go anywhere within a short time. You can go 1km within 2.5 or 3 minutes.

2. Sleep more deeply and sound sleep

Cycling Everyday is the best exercise, even more, any things. If you every day at least 20-30 minutes then it will be the best exercise for your health and you can sleep more deeply and sound sleep.

“If you do exercise outside then it exposes you to daylight” This great news explains our professor Jim Horne Form Loughborough University sleep research center. He told that our body hormone increase at night with sound and deep sleep. So if we take cycling every day then we can compare it with exercise. As usual after a hard work, our body needs rest and this rest will convert into sleep with deep sleep.

3. Look younger

Our honorable scientists at Stanford University told If you cycling regularly then it can protect your skin with every type of harmful elements of UV radiation and decreasing signs of aging. Cycling Everyday increases blood circulation on your body and delivers oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells properly. Then you look Younger today and tomorrow.

4. Increase your brain power

After heart and soul research it’s found in Illinois university that a five percent improvement your brain after cycling. Cycling Everyday is an exercise always helps you to increase your brain cells in the hippo campus which are responsible for memory.

5. Cycling protects you from sickness

Cycling makes your cells more active. If you do cycle every 5 days a week only for 30 minutes then you never sick. It’s a blessing of Cycling Everyday.

6. Live longer by Cycling everyday

Dr. Lunn Cherkas find in research that “Who regularly exercise like Cycling and pull up, chin up at significantly get in a lower risk of cardiovascular disease as diabetes, all types cancer, high blood pressure, and obesity”. So if you want to boost your stamina then cycling or pull up exercise must.

7. Save the Space & Planet

It’s proved that twenty bicycles can be parked where the same spaces take a car. For making a car huge materials need where bicycles need 5% materials. Cars black smoke pollutes the environment but bicycles pollute zero % pollution.

8. Improve your sex life by Cycling everyday

According to health expert in the USA, Physically activeness improves your vascular health, which boosting your sex performance. And also, Harvard University research found that a man who in 50-year-olds but still cycling 30 hours a week have 30% lower risk of impotence.

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9. Good for heart

Cycling everyday is a good exercise for your body and heart. Purdue University found that who does regularly exercise like cycling, have cut their heart attack risk up to 50% less. Cycling at least 20 miles a week increases your heart beats and give up you every type of heart disease.

10. Lose weight by Cycling everyday

Cycling everyday is the best exercise for losing weight. If anybody does cycle 30 minutes a day for every week then day by day he can see the difference that he loses his weight and get slim and look gorgeous and handsome.

11. Save money and time

Cycling everyday is the source of saving money and time. You can go anywhere as your likeness within a short time. Suppose you have not a cycle but immediately you have to go a remote area. Then what you will do? Remember time and money (Big question?)

12. Enjoy healthy family time

everybody likes cycling. You can do it with your whole family. Studies have found that kids are influenced by their parents. Every kid wants to follow their parents. It is simple that if your kids see you everyday riding then they want to follow you. If they don’t like it then don’t force them to ride cycle, when they become teenager then they understand the importance of riding a cycle every day.

13. Get fit at any sport

If you are riding bicycles every day then you are fit for any kinds of indoors and outdoors games. By cycling your mussels and bone become very strong then you can participate any kinds of game?

14. You’re helping others

Many cyclists help the others by cycling. London citizen raised over 40 million euros for the heart foundation by riding cycle London to Brighton in 1980.

15. You can get fit without going exercise center

Cycling is the best way to exercise. If you are cycling everyday only for 30 minutes then you don’t go gym center for exercise. According to the Heart disease foundation in the United States, it is proved that a cyclist enjoys a fitness level equal to that of person who is 10 years younger of a cyclist.

16. Burn fatter

Cycling is the best exercise for burning fat. If you cycling 30 minutes every day then you can burn your fat easily by around of 1 months. You can at least 5-6 KG fat cut from your body.

17. Boost your bellows

Everyday cycling enables your lungs to gather more oxygen from nature. When you are cycling in an open air then nature cool air touch your body and mind. You become healthy and boost your oxygen circulation.

18. Increase height

Morning walk and cycling is very beneficial for the health. Everyday cycling can increase your height at least 5-6 inch. Cycling at least 45 minutes in every day its help you to increase your height.

19. Feeling boring and tired? Go for a ride

we sometimes passed very boring moments. If we go for a ride in outside then we can feel fresh. By cycling, we can see many things of nature.

20. Spend quality time with your Boy Friend or Girl Friend

every boyfriend and girlfriend want to spend their times with cheerfully. Every couple should make one or two riding dates in every week.