Astone Fitness – Complete Chin Up Bar | Pull Up Bar | Door Attachment Chin Up Bar Review

The Astone Fitness-Complete Chin Up Bar is the ultimate upper body home training system. With this versatile home gym equipment, you can do different kinds of exercise as

  • Chin ups
  • Push ups
  • Wide grip
  • Pull ups
  • Dips up
  • Leg raises
  • Sit ups

Before buying this product you should know the full details on the web because if you buy this product but unfortunately it’s may be not suitable for you then you will fall in sorrow. For your advantage, I give below full details. Let’s see.

Astone Fitness – features

Which materials it made of

Pull up bars should make such a materials which can grow resistance of user weight. But Non-brand ordinary bar made of low-quality steel, which ruined after some days and can’t work for a long time. But the highlighting pulls up bar (Astone Fitness-Complete Chin Up Bar) is made of high-grade quality metal.

Weight Capacity

Maximum pull-up bars has a low capacity of pulling weights up to 150 lb to 220 lb. But the good things of is its pulling capacity is 300 lb. Every sector of the user as (body builder, Sportsman, athletes and general people) can easily use this pull-up bar without any fear.

Easily setup

It can easily setup with the door frame. So you do not need drilling, screwing, hammering or messing around with setting it.

Grips options

Astone Fitness-Complete Chin Up Bar allows for wide grip pull ups / lats and also it’s multi grips options make your exercise so easy and increase your strength. Its soft grips do not create pain on your hand. You can do several exercises by multi grips options with secure way because it not slips your hand on exercise time.


Astone Fitness Complete Chin Up Bar

41 Width x 3 Depth x 10 Height (inches)

  • The depth of the door must be no larger than 4.5″ or it will be a very tight fit
  • The width of the door must be no larger than 39.5″ or the chin up bar will only be touching the very edge making it less stable.
  • The width of the door must be no smaller than 32″ or the chin up bar will dent the surface of your door frames. Otherwise, minimum size to fit it is 28″.
customers review about Astone Fitness–Complete Chin Up Bar: (5 / 5)

Most of the customers give a positive feedback in this Astone Fitness-Complete Chin Up Bar. They are happy and really like this bar. Because of its many facilities, the Maximum customer gives rating 5 out of 5. Most of the customer says that it easily set in the door frame and it easily had packed. But some of the customers gives negative feedback.

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