Amazing Deskcise Pro Exercise Bike and Height Adjustable Cycle for Home and Office – REVIEW [year]

This is true that at present context life become very busy. People get very less time in hand to continue physical exercise at home or gym. Most of the time we search for exercise equipment which can give us the scope to work beside continuing regular tasks of life.

Flex spot Home Office Exercise Desk Bike has received several positive reviews from customers basically because of these two reasons:

This standing Desk Exercise Bike can be adjustable compared to the user height with the surface very easily. Here a user can easily stand or seat on cycling seat to continue exercise. This exercise cycle works as a standing desk for general user besides providing the facility for regular exercise.

Flexispot Home Office Exercise Desk Bike brings the best solution of this problem. This a kind of Standing Desk Exercise Bike which helps to ensure exercises beside performing other regular jobs like using a laptop or reading a book. This best foldable exercise bike can be carried to any place easily. This exercise equipment can be used easily at home as well.

Easy Setup:

This is heard from the regular user that it takes only one minute to set up this best foldable exercise bike. Basically it has two main parts. One part is the base & another is the desk surface. A user has to just set the base on the floor, then extend the wheeled feet & arrange the desk surface in a suitable place. This exercise equipment is this way most easy to assemble. A user has to just follow these simple steps to assemble this standing Desk Exercise Bike.

Sizing Adjustment and Controls:

One of the important parts of this fitness bike is hydraulic lift system is used in the seat adjustment. It helps to move the seat up & down as required. The desk surface height of this exercise bike is also adjustable by pulling up the twp levers based on need. The desk surface can move backward & forward as well. The padded armrest is also available in this Standing Desk Exercise Bike. The armrest of this exercise cycle ensures proper rest while using working on a laptop or using I phone.


Great part of this best folding stationary bike is here users get the scope to work out beside continuing simple regular tasks like playing video games or sending e-mails. Whereas a user is bored about consistent cycling this best foldable exercise bike ensures the scope of the standing desk. This new experience of Standing Desk Exercise Bike also generates most comfort for the user & reliefs the stress of work out for long hours. The footprints are also well designed generally not available in other exercise cycles.

Battery Life:

A very interesting part o this gym cycling machine is that it does not need any electricity to operate. It uses only 2AA batteries for displaying the necessary information like time, calories & distance. Users will love to paddle while using laptop or i-phone. Batteries are also long lasting in this portable exercise bike to ensure the best customer experience. As there is no hassle of electricity users can carry this rowing machine to any place as required for exercise.

Lowered Efficiency:

Most of the times we like to spend maximum time at our office without any movement & setting in a single place for hours. This proved that lower movements result in different types of physical problems due to lack of proper blood circulation within the body. So a standing Desk Exercise Bike can help easily to lessen the risk by continuing exercise even while working. This is one of the best exercise bikes in best price to use at office & home.

Increased confidence:

This is true that body & mind has a close correlation between them. Due to day-long stressful workload & consistent interaction with a computer have a direct impact on the mental health of people. It increases the rate of depression, anxiety & short-tempered attitude among people. But this Standing Desk Exercise Bike reliefs people from all kinds of stress from work pressure. This gym cycling machine ensures all advantages without visiting the gym frequently. Bike Trainers also prefer to use this machine for training on a regular basis.

Zero Energy:

Setting the whole day in a single place in front of monitor definitely lowers the energy of any active individual. Flexispot Home Office Exercise Desk Bike ensures proper cycling during a break at the office in a very convenient way. This portable exercise bike for that reason is very popular among the corporate officials. This exercise equipment is easy to store & carry to any place. So people can use this best stationary exercise bike for their regular physical fitness.  This bike is most popular as the best exercise bike for small spaces. 

Dynamic office:

Through the use of Flexispot Home Office Exercise Desk Bike people can create a very dynamic office environment. No matter whatever the office time or urgent meeting with team members people can continue long hour meeting very easily. Exercise & entertainment during the formal meeting can be continued by this portable exercise bike. This Standing Desk Exercise Bike can be set at any suitable place. It also ensures a dynamic look to the office premises also & inspiration to the employees for improved performance.

Liberate office layout:

We know that an effective office premise is very important for all professionals. Professionals like to ensure maximum utilization of their office premises. Flexispot Home Office Exercise Desk Bike ensures the maximum flexibility to set this device in any corner of the office very easily. No matter the question of a board meeting or weekly general meeting officials can have a great time with this standing desk exercise bike. Officials here can continue exercise cycling also besides attending any formal meeting.

Innovative design:

The most important & interesting feature of this best foldable exercise bike is it looks like part standing desk & part fitness bike. This amazing look attracts most of the users. This best folding stationary bike also becomes an important part of home decor also. This exercise equipment increase beauty & social value to people due to the stylish look & different type of use. Young children & busy professionals also prefer & love this portable exercise bike in daily life.


Comparing to the benefits & facilities price of this exercise equipment is very reasonable in the market. This one is no doubt one of the best exercise bike in best price. This portable exercise bike receives huge positive reviews from customers for arranging necessary usable options in reasonable price. This product is also best folding exercise bike for short person. People can easily use this folding exercise bike at office, home or any other place. Number of positive complements so also increasing by the course of time.


  • Seats is completely adjustable
  • Very attractive design part standing desk & part exercise bike
  • Consumes very less space
  • Foldable & easy to set up
  • Wrist pad is made by rubber for maximum comfort
  • Magnetic pedal resistance up to level: 8


  • Multitasking may hamper the proper physical exercise
  • Does not connect to any app to keep records
  • Bound to maintain certain steps for assembling
  • Limited additional options for physical exercise
  • Padding seat may feel uncomfortable after an hour

Last word:

Considering all the benefits & limitations of Flexispot Home Office Exercise Desk Bike we can conclude that this bike best for the busy corporate officials or people with limited time for regular exercise. This best exercise bike is available at the best price in the market. This best folding exercise bike is suitable for short persons as well. This exercise equipment has already gained attention & interest due to attractive design, multitasking facility & easy assembling option. This exercise equipment is now widely using at office premises & residences of people. The huge number of positive customer insights is also received from various websites.

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