Top 12 Different Exercise with Pull-up Bar at Home or Gym Center

A better-desired shape of the body is never possible without performing proper exercises. But before start performing any physical exercise this is very important to realize the benefits & process of performing the exercises. I this article we will discuss various kinds of pull-ups like wide grip pull ups, chin ups, Cliffhanger pull-ups, Headbanger pull-ups, Muscle pus etc. Here the possible benefits of all pull-ups are shared. So that based on benefits & objectives someone can select the suitable pull up for him. Actually different types of pull-ups work for different parts of the body. So before starting the desired pull-ups, it’s always better to know about them in details. Here important discussions are also completed on popular Straight bar dips, Chin rows, Pullover, Leg raises pull-ups, Leg raises, Knee raises & Muscle pus etc. So this writing will be very effective for people who would like to get details idea about different types of pull-ups.

Pull-up Exercise:

Pull-up is a “compound” exercise. It involves a large number of big and small muscles. This is the most perfect exercise for most simulations Doris (lats) and biceps. it ensures to work for  multiple muscles at the same time. This is also a multi-joint movement exercise.  It helps more than one joint to move. This is great that during proper a pull-up,  wrists, elbows, and shoulder angles all get affected.

A human being perform a wide range of movements including standing, walking, pushing, pulling, twisting, turning etc. pull-ups are By  dynamic compound exercises for functional strengthen. It ensures relationship between your nervous and muscular systems.

Wide Grip Pull ups Exercise:

Wide grip pull ups are best for lats better than any other physical exercise. It also works for biceps, upper back, and forearms. Wide grip pull ups are also best for traps, rhomboid, teres major, infrastructures, pecs, erector spine, and external oblique.

The right method of performing wide grip pull-ups is grasping the bar overhand (palms facing forward) with shoulders slightly more than shoulder-width apart. This is necessary to keep hands be five or more inches wider than your shoulder-width.

The best part is wide-grip pull-ups take some of the strain off shoulders. It also helps to engage the lower lats and the teres minor.

Chin ups Exercise:

Chin ups are one of the most popular physical exercises. One of the most important benefits of Chin Ups is the ability to strengthen a significant number of muscles with each rep. Chin ups help the latissimus dorsi muscles of the back but also involves a number of muscles in arms, shoulders, and chest. It also effects posterior deltoids, triceps, biceps and lower and middle trapezius.

Chin ups also protect the body from injury, improves stamina and elevates basal metabolic rate. It also helps to elevate your mood, build a stronger body, lead to greater self-confidence. Chin-ups are most beneficial & versatile. Because with minimal equipment it ensures challenging workout to several muscles.

Cliffhangers Pull-ups Exercise:

Cliffhangers Pull-ups is one of the most efficient pull-ups. This is almost identical to climbing.  it forces a person to hang from a two-arm, one-arm, and offset position. But this is true that it not only taxes your hands. These pull-ups are very useful for growing muscles. At first level a person have to Hang by two arms from a pull-up bar using an overhand grip. Then he has to Perform three 1-minute hangs, resting 2 minutes between each. At 2nd level Loop a towel over a pull-up bar and hold both ends in one hand. Then the he have to grab the bar with the other hand, using an overhand grip. In the same way he have to do hangs two 1-minute  (one with each hand on the towel) with 2 minutes of rest between each. At the 3rd level he has to hang from the pullup bar using only one arm.

Headbanger pull-ups Exercise:

Headbanger pull-ups are one of the most popular pull-ups. These ones of the best body weight exercises because it helps to develop biceps. To perform headbanger first someone has to the pull-up is to up to the bar and then push and pull horizontally, head in line with the bar. There are four variations of the headbanger pull-up. These are Headbanger chin-ups, Headbanger chin-ups under the bar, L-Sit headbanger pull-ups & Commando headbanger pull-ups, aka Inline headbanger pull-ups.

Muscle Push-ups Exercise:

Muscle push ups actually work a number of the muscle groups of the upper torso. During pushups, several muscle groups are trained including Pectoral muscles, Triceps (back of the arm), Biceps (front of the arm), Front and rear heads of the deltoids, Rhomboids, and trapezius &  Latissimus dorsi.

This is true that a properly performed pushup requires the strength and stability of the core muscles. It includes including the abdominals and lower back. It also helps to a further strengthening and stabilizing of these muscle groups. During muscle push-ups, nearly every muscle of the body is involved in the movement in some way or another.

Knee raises Exercise:

The vertical knee raise is most popular as the Captain’s Chair exercise or the hanging knee raise. This is a core exercise. It lets someone add variety to a workout. To perform this knee raise someone to have to be suspended between two parallel bars. To perform knee raises someone has to position himself on the dip/raise machine, back against the pad and arms while holding the body up accordingly resting on the parallel bars. Hand grips should be to hold onto at the ends of the parallel bars. Beside foot, bars are generally available to step up on to get into position.

Leg Raises Exercise:

Leg raises are the best solution to turn jelly-bellies into a toned masterpiece. This is one of the most commonly performed exercises. The leg lift completely isolates the rectus ab domains. It helps to maximize the health and aesthetic benefits of these exercises.

Leg lifts help to build strong abs and hip flexors. It also helps to improve posture and reduce lower back strain by adding support to your mid-section. Strong hip flexors also help to increase walking and running stride and prevent groin injury.

Leg lifts add support to the upper body. It helps to stay centered anytime anyone twist, bend or reach. Good balance is very important according to the age for elite athletes, runners, volleyball players, tennis players or gymnasts. They practice leg lifts or other abdominal exercises to improve athleticism.

Leg raises pull-ups Exercise:

We know Leg raises are mostly performed while lying on the floor or hanging from a chin-up bar. it is very useful for lower abdominal muscles. But this is true that not easy to perform for beginners or people with under-developed abs. It may take several months &  need repetitions to get the desired results.

Leg raises ensures benefits if someone practices it regularly. The best way of practicing leg raise is swinging legs back and forth creates momentum rather than working on the focus muscle groups. It is also helpful to continue leg raises in your abdominal and core workout.

Pull over Exercise:

Regular pullover helps latissimus Doris. This is a large back muscle that fans out from your upper arm bone to your spine which is extended down to the hip bone.. pul over exercise also helps several muscles like rhomboids, rear delts, and triceps.

Pull over helps to build Upper Body Muscle. pull over considered as best exercise for the isolation chest exercises. Pull over best for triceps and lats. The dumbbell pullover is very effective to hit the lats and the triceps. Regular pullover helps for thicker chest and back muscles.

The dumbbell pullover helps to test many stabilizer muscles throughout the body.  especially for muscles in the abs, upper back/scapular region and the gluten muscles.

Chin rows Exercise:

Chin rows help you to develop biceps, triceps, and shoulders. It also ensures strength and superior muscularity. chin rows are one of the best muscle-building exercises. chin rows are also one of the best fat-burning exercises. This is one of the best exercises for back and overall upper body conditioning. chin rows build grip strength as fingers, hands, and forearms are used very significantly. Regular chin rows help to develop biceps, triceps, and shoulders. This quit true that a big back is built from heavy dead lifts, chin-ups, & rows. For elbows and shoulders, Ring chin-ups are easier. It allows making for contraction in the upper back.

Straight bar dips Exercise:

We know straight bar dip is performed with both hands on a single straight bar. At the same time positioned in front of the body. During straight bar, dip grip should be within a few inches of the width of hips. But anyone can experiment with wider or closer hand positions as convenient.

This is true that straight bar dip is also one of the most specific precursors to the muscle-up. So anyone should not start working on it until someone can perform a set of at least ten consecutive dips on parallel bars.

During exercise when someone dip on a straight bar, have to ensure that the body must move around the bar. In the same way, as we lower down, we need to lean over the bar and reach legs out in front a bit to keep balance.


The all mentioned different type of exercises is very useful for building the strong shape of the body. But based on the benefits & limitations someone should try to exercise the proper pull-ups suitable for him. At the same time this is very important that during performing chin-ups, wide grip pull ups or knee raises we should follow the proper way of performing them. We should be very steady during exercises as well to get better results. Someone based on the objective should select the proper exercise for him. For chin rows & straight bar, dip exercise equipment are also required for effectiveness.