10 High Calorie Foods should avoid before going bed

10 high calorie foods which you should avoid at night before going bed. If you want to sleep a sound sleep and want to keep your health good then obeys it must..

1. Cereal:

Cereal is so popular food. It gets your body started off right in the morning. However, it contains a huge amount of sugar and carbohydrates. Which your body make fatty easily. So you should avoid it if you want to get rest sleep at night. 10 High Calorie Foods this is in number 1.

2. Chips:

Chips are so popular food all over the world. Usually, people eat chips in ever where. But our scientist says not the only bedtime, it should obey all the time. Because this is the high-calorie food which contains a huge amount of fat and mono sodium amalgamate. So for sleeping a sound sleep you should avoid chips before bed . 10 High Calorie Foods this is in number 2.


Everybody loves pasta so pasta becomes world famous food. If you add it to your dinner menu then you are in the wrong root. You should know that cooking pasta is so easy; it takes maximum 15 minutes to cook and also a huge amount of cheese and oil are added for cooking pasta. You do not do any hard work at night and when you eat pasta at night then this pasta turn into fatty when you go for sleeping. So avoid pasta from your dinner menu. 10 High Calorie Foods this is in number 3.

4. Ice Cream:

The world famous snacks type food items is ice cream. Every type of people like kids, young and old like ice cream a lot. But they have no idea how the type of dangerous it is. Ice cream contained a high source of fat and sugar. It increases your weight promptly. It also creates digest problems so avoid it before going bed. 10 High Calorie Foods this is in number 4.

5. Red Meat:

Red meat is always favorite to all, It’s yummy always. It is a storehouse of a huge amount of proteins and iron. If you take red meat before going bed then it will do more harm to your body and can make fat to your body then you can’t take a sound & relaxing sleep. 10 High Calorie Foods this is in number 5.

  • Cereal


6. Candy:

After heart and soul studies it is proved that eating candy before going bed is the very bad habit. Any type of sugar product can increase your body fat. Some scientist says that eating candy before bed it will harm your brain and it can lead you to nightmares. So for sleeping a sound sleep you should avoid candy before bed. 10 High Calorie Foods this is in number 6.

7. vegetables:

We know formerly that vegetables are always good for health. Doctors always suggest their patients eat vegetables more and more. But you become wonder after knowing that vegetables can create problems. If you take vegetables in bad time then it can create problems. No one vegetables are harmful to health but some certain vegetables like onions, broccoli or cabbage have a huge amount of insoluble fiber. Your digestive system becomes slow and also, cannot process these vegetables at night when you are on the bed, So avoid it as soon as possible. 10 High Calorie Foods this is in number 7

8. Pizza:

Pasta and side by side Pizza are liked by all. Today Youngsters age around (16-27) does not hesitate to have pizza 1 or 2 a day . They surely add pizza with their dinner menu. Every famous pizza shop has home delivery services, so customer dials their cell number and order pizza in any kind of occasions. But it is a matter of great sorrow that they don’t know what harm it does to your body. Very high calories greasy and cheesy are uses to make it. High level of acidity is the causes of Pizza so as a result you have a bloated stomach. Don’t it pizza at night or before going bed because it is the source of creating huge fat on your body. 10 High Calorie Foods this is in number 8.

9. Chilly:

The chilly sauce is so healthy for health. It makes wonderful taste when it take with other spicy food. Say no if you eating chilly sauce before going bed. The chilly sauce contains a huge amount of proteins and it is a high-calorie food. So avoid it before bed. 10 High Calorie Foods this is in number 9

10. Any kind of Alcohol:

Everybody loves to join the party at night because they have no very important job at night so they can spend a wonderful time on their friends party. As usual, they’re you drink and dance with the beautiful lady. But a big question is did you realize ever that you had consumed a sleep killer. Drinking alcohol before bed is can reduce your sleep and also make a great damage to the brain. So remove alcohol as soon as possible. 10 High Calorie Foods this is in number 10.

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